TXWORKS Internship Program


Texas WORKS: Reinforcing Knowledge and Skills Internship Program (TXWORKS) is a new statewide Texas internship program. This program provides undergraduate students with off-campus paid internships, funded in part by the state of Texas.

This program offers a mutual benefit for employers and students. By providing internships, employers can have a deep impact on a student’s career and can help equip students with skills they need to succeed. Internships help students explore career options, strengthen or gain relevant work skills, secure income during college, and build professional networks that can lead to future opportunities.

Benefits of Participating in TXWORKS as an Employer

Participation in TXWORKS offers many benefits for employers, including the opportunity to:

  • Receive financial support to provide internship opportunities;
  • Experience talent in action and identify future employees;
  • Facilitate the development of skills that students need to function, compete, and grow;
  • Add new energy and capacity to their teams; and
  • Have a lasting impact on students’ career trajectories and the community.

Criteria for TXWORKS Internships

TXWORKS Internships must meet specific criteria and provide certain opportunities for students:

  • Internships must be paid opportunities that are at least 8 weeks long with a minimum of 12 hours of work provided per week.
  • Employers must identify workforce skills that the student will strengthen or gain during their experience.
  • Internship activities may not be political or sectarian in nature and cannot be more than 25% administrative work.
  • Eligible employers may not have a workforce that is more than 50% interns, and internships may not be funded by federal or state work-study funds.

Employer Criteria to Provide a TXWORKS Internship

Employers who wish to provide a TXWORKS internship must meet certain criteria:

  • Employers must be a private nonprofit or for-profit entity or a governmental entity.
  • Employers cannot be a public or private institution of higher education in Texas, or a career school or college.
  • Employers must demonstrate the administrative and financial capacity to carry out the employer's responsibilities under the program, including the ability to pay full wages and benefits to a student employed through the program.
  • Employers must provide employment to a student related to their career interests with identifiable workforce skills.

Student Qualifications for a TXWORKS Internship 

To qualify for a TXWORKS internship, applicants must:

  • Be a Resident of Texas;
  • Be a current undergraduate student at an eligible college or university, working toward a degree or certificate; 
  • Be enrolled at least half-time;
  • Have established financial need;
  • Have earned a high school diploma or equivalent.

Interns cannot be employed in more than one Texas WORKS internship at a time or complete more than two internships in total. Current dual credit students are not able to participate. Eligibility to participate will be determined during the application process.

Learn More and Contact Us

  • Employers: to learn more about creating an internship program with TXWORKS, please email txworks@highered.texas.gov.
  • Students: to learn more about applying for TXWORKS internships, visit our student page at www.highered.texas.gov/txworks.

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